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Transmission No. 4 - Oculaeum Apparatus

Footage of Transmission No. 4 via the Oculaeum Apparatus:


This is Doc Galahan. This is a transmission from the Oculaeum prototype 4on the temporal frequency of 19.76

This is a warning to all worlds. Should you find one called Morbus in your world. Kill him. Have no mercy. Morbus the Butcher is a blight on all living things. He is a machiavellian, sinister killer of monumental proportions. A creature without conscience, morality or compassion. He is devoid of all good things and in his wake he will leave you nothing but loss and despair and disease.

He is a being known as an Amaru. Ancient, shape-shifting reptilian creatures of high intelligence. You will know him by the reptilian molting he leaves behind when he changes shape. It’s is similar to a fingerprint, unique - I am transferring the details on how to identify him. Morbus has the sick predilection to murder the subjects whose shape he decides to mimic. He does not require this to mimic their shape, he does this as a result of his malicious, diseased mind.

Please...heed my warning. The moment you have confirmed his existence in your world, seize upon him and send him to hell. Do so or he will destroy you and all you hold dear.