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Queensgate - Launching in 2022

Welcome to Queensgate

Step into an alternate world, a Victorian-Era metropolis at the center of British America where its inhabitants find themselves embroiled in a civil war between humans and supernaturals.

Queensgate subtly combines the Steampunk, Gothic Horror/Fantasy and Weird West genres to create a compelling and rich environment for roleplay, discovery and mystery. 

Based on the FATE Accelerated RPG system, Doc Galahan’s Queensgate focuses on story and character over mechanics.

  • A complete RPG covered in about 100 pages gets you gaming quickly
  • Plenty of options to play a variety of character types at a range of power levels
  • Faction-based campaign creation that creates immediate drama and action for your group
  • Easy-to-learn Fate Accelerated-style gameplay, with tweaks for Queensgate
  • A scale system to support interacting with and playing at various power levels
  • Queensgate specific Fate cards plus 20 NPC character cards to make random encounters spontaneous
  • Tons of lore compiled from the actual world building bible used for the Arcanarium, giving you a deep understanding of Doc Galahan's world.

We’ll be updating more about Doc Galahan’s Queensgate through 2021 and 2022. 

Doc Galahan's Queensgate is currently in development. The Queensgate Sourcebook will be released on Amazon POD and/or DriveThruRPG in 2022 . Additionally a Kickstarter campaign will follow in order to publish the first edition sourcebook and card deck.

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